activities for seniors

Celebrating Life’s Journey – Retirement Suites By The Lake

It’s no secret that if you feed your mind and stay active, you’ll enjoy a long, healthy independent lifestyle.

At Retirement Suites by the Lake, our goal is to enrich your life through many social and physical experiences such as games, exercise and other stimulating activities for seniors that keep your body moving and your brain active.

We encourage all of our residents to take part in our programs. From customized Health & Wellness and exercise programs that fit your life and your needs to socializing with friends in our own on-site pub to joining us for exciting weekly outings in and around Toronto and the Beaches area, there is something that will appeal to everyone. A continuous calendar of activities is designed to meet the cultural, physical, social and spiritual needs of all our residents.

At Retirement Suites by the Lake, we promise you will never be bored. Nor will you be tied to a rigid schedule if you don’t wish to be. You choose how you want to spend your time.


Did we miss anything? Would you like us to include any activity that you would enjoy that we are not currently offering? Please let us know and we’ll do our best to add them to our schedule.