RSBL Dining Room

Celebrating Life’s Journey – Retirement Suites By The Lake

Serving delicious meals for seniors, our beautiful dining room is the heart of our home.

With the inviting ambience and the irresistible, nutritious selections on our well-balanced menu, you’ll feel like you’re eating out every night at Retirement Suites by the Lake.

Our meal plans always include hand-prepared wonderful entrées, hearty soups, fresh salads and vegetables, and luscious treats to make each day’s dining a pleasure.

At Retirement Suites by the Lake, healthy meals are always our main concern. Our dining service includes:

  • Well-balanced meals prepared daily
  • Accommodation for special diets
  • Hot breakfast, a choice of entrées at lunch and dinner
  • An à la carte menu to suit various tastes and diets
  • Snacks, coffee, tea and fruit available every day

Best of all, you’ll never eat alone. Join your neighbours for meals, and your family members and friends are welcome at any time.

Come and join us! We’re looking forward to serving you in our dining room at Retirement Suites by the Lake in the Beaches area of Toronto.

Spotlight on Chef, Anthony Ogborogu

Chef Anthony and his work

Anthony Ogborogu majored in International Relations before discovering his true passion for the culinary arts. He realized that what made him most happy was always anything related to food, so he decided to make the switch and enrolled in the Culinary Management program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. 
Coming from Nigeria, he has always helped run his mom’s restaurant while improving his skills, networking with customers and industry people.

Anthony believes that food connects the world. During his studies Anthony became involved in the community by offering his services and working in various retirement homes and learning from some of the best chefs in the industry.
While working as a wellness chef, Anthony was one of many who graduate during the pandemic. During that time, he was able to reflect on what is important. He decided, to focus on recipes development for the aging population and individuals with specific dietary needs.


Do you have any special food and dietary requirements? We would love to know about it! Get in touch with us and we can connect you with our chef or dining room manager who would be more than happy to answer your queries!