Senior housing in Toronto

Celebrating Life’s Journey – Retirement Suites By The Lake

Where is Retirement Suites by the Lake located?

What does the term supportive living mean?

What does independent living mean?

Will I be able to bring my cat/dog in?

What type of furniture is provided?

Is the retirement residence secure?

Do you have an “emergency” call system to use in case of problems?

Will there be air conditioning in my suite?

Will I be able to bring my vehicle?

What about my privacy?

Can I do my own laundry?

When can my friends and family visit?

Can I go out anytime I want?

What if I want to have family in for dinner?

Can I have a family member stay with me?

Do I have to sign a lease?

We are always here to help make your stay with us more comfortable. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.